Lone Star Region of the Lincoln & Continental Owner's Club

The Lincoln & Continental Owner's Club is a group of classic car and not-so-classic car owners of the Lincoln car brand. Our mission is the preservation and restoration of the Lincoln automobile.  Our region is one of three Texas LCOC regions and encompasses most of southwest Texas with primary membership in the San Antonio-Austin corridor. The North Texas Region "covers" north Texas with primary membership in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. The Texas Gulf Coast region "covers" southeast Texas with primary membership in the Houston-Galveston corridor.

If you are not sure which region you reside in, feel free to contact us for more information. We welcome you and your Lincoln into the family regardless of your location. 

LCOC members consist of a broad spectrum of Lincoln enthusiasts. Like many car clubs, members tend to lean towards a particular era of the Lincoln brand which includes Zephyr owners. We enjoy the Lincoln in many ways, traveling the highways and byways of Texas on club sponsored outings, participating in national and regional club sponsored car shows, participating in other car club sponsored car shows, and always getting together regularly in fellowship with each other to dine at a premium restaurant and discuss our latest project or support one another concerning an automotive problem. Some of our members use their Lincoln, which may be 10-20 years old, as a daily driver. To sum it up, LCOC members are people with a passion for the Lincoln brand who enjoy sharing that passion with other Lincoln owners. If you have a passion for the brand, then join our family.

In Lone Star Region, we promote driving our Lincoln automobiles. Our region motto is "Fun with Lincoln" which illustrates our passion for the automobile in club activities. The region also supports our membership in several ways. Our quarterly newsletter showcases club activities, member's projects, a schedule of events which usually includes fine dining, and technical articles to aid you in your quest of repairs and restoration for your Lincoln. Go to the newsletter page and look us over.

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