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"Fun With Lincoln"

We are Linocoln owners with a passion for the Lincoln automobile. This website is our platform to share the details regarding our club activity and also help members quickly get in touch with us for all their needs. If you are a Lincoln owner and have an interest in the Lincoln as we do, look us over, and always know, you are welcome to join the family.

Regardless of the condition of your Lincoln, you are welcome in the club. We can help you with your repairs, restoration, and direct you to qualified people, specializing in classic car repairs, parts locations, and mechanics with grey hair who know your Lincoln.

Don't own a Lincoln? Not to worry. Several of our members are "in between" Lincoln ownership, or just love the brand and the people in the club. Ownership of a Lincoln is NOT a requisite for membership.

We are a driving club in several ways and on occasion, join up with the local Cadillac club members for road touring and fellowship. Henry Leland originated both brands and was passionate about making both the Lincoln and Cadillac the premier luxury automobile in America. He was a much better machinist than he was a business man and both ventures fell into financial trouble. Both Ford and General Motors saw the quality of his products and the rest is history.

Texas offers some of the finest driving opportunities for classic car owners. If you have a classic Lincoln, or not-so-classic Lincoln, the thrill of the drive is something our club members are just as passionate about. Join us for a drive through the country and dining at some of Texas most well kept secrets.

Below are some pictures from recent region events; All-Texas Regions Meet in Salado and Barbeque Under the Oaks at the LBJ National Historic Park.

Texas Lone Star Region - Lincoln & Continental Car ClubSalado_2013_059




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