"Salado" is the reference to the ALL TEXAS REGIONAL MEET, held at the Stagecoach Inn in the quaint little town of Salado in April. This annual event brings all three Texas regions together in food, fun, and fellowship, to show their Lincoln, and drive their Lincoln. All members of LCOC and the Lincoln Zephyr club are welcome to attend. The event begins on Friday with arrivals and fellowship, followed by the epic Friday Night BBQ at Doc's City Garage. Saturday is show day where the cars are lightly judged and road tour through the central Texas farm land makes for many photo opportunities. Then, Saturday night is the awards dinner where trophies are presented. Sunday is a relaxed brunch as members drift in, dine, tell more lies, and then depart with all tanks fueled for the ride home.
Join us the third weekend in April of 2014 for this car show, presented like no other. Some say it is not a car show, but an adventure. So, change your oil, polish your chrome, and come on over to Salado for a weekend you will not forget.
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